Prelims cum Mains

Prelims Addon 20200828

  • Financial Inclusion Scheme “PMJDY” PM Jan Dhan Yojana complete 6th year as it was launched on 28th August 2014, after 2014 independence speech of PM
    • About PMJDY
      • Financial inclusion scheme via
        • Universal banking access
        • Overdraft facility of ₹ 5,000 to every household [citations needed]
        • Financial literacy program
        • Creation of credit guarantee fund – provides guarantee against default
        • Insurance facility – accident cover up to ₹ 1 lakh & life cover up to ₹ 30 thousand with certain conditions
        • Pension scheme for unorganized sector
      • It was modified in 2018 as follows
        • Focus shifts from every household to Every Adult
        • RuPay Card insurance – Accidental Life cover increased to ₹2 lakh for accounts open after 28th August 2018
        • OD facility increases to ₹ 10k from ₹5k with OD up to ₹2k without conditions & increase in uppaer age limit from 60 years to 65 years.

  • Indian Railways is on its way to achieve the –
    • 100% Electrification target by 2023
    • Currently is has Energy consumption of 21 billion unit, expected to increase 33 billion by 2030
      • To meet this requirement IR, plan to utilize the all vacant land under IR by installing solar panel of 20 GW by 2030 so that IR achieve its mission of “Net Zero Carbon Emission Railway

  • Mansar Lake
    • Why – Rejuvenation program is reviewed
    • About
      •  62 km away from Jammu
      • Designated as Ramsar Convention in 2015

  • Directorate General of NCC (National Cadet Corps) – (DGNCC) has launched a mobile training app
    • It provide material & training videos to NCC candidate
    • Platform is made quite interactive

  • The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Department of Secondary and Higher Education, Government of India.
    • Setup in 1996 as the National Nodal Agency for the promotion of the Urdu language.

Note – Be careful it is not under ministry of culture or ministry of minority

  • Bureau of Police Research & Development is celebrating its golden jubilee  on 28th August 2020
    • Established on 28th August 1970 by MHA through a resolution
    • Mandate
      • to promote excellence in policing, promote speedy and systematic study of police problems, apply science and technology in the method and techniques by the Police.
    • Operational Structure
      • Started with two division as follows-
        • Research Publication & Statistics Division
        • Development Division
      • Training Division was added on recommendation of Gore Committee on police training in 1973
      • Correctional Division was added in 1995 to study the issue of prisons & prions reform  
      • In 2008, to implement the National Police Mission, Development Division was restructured into Modernization Division

  • In 4th round of UDAN approved 78 new routes
    • It was open in Dec 2019
    • This time focus was north East states & Island
    • So in UDAN 4.0 includes helicopters & Seaplanes
    • Since its inception 274 routes connecting 45 airports & 3 heliports operationalized
    • So far, 766 routes have been sanctioned under UDAN

  • Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Resign from post due to Health issues.

  • Revisit Article 341 & 342
    • 5 Judge Bench Headed by Arun Mishra have contrary view to the earlier Chinnaiah judgment 2004
    • Sub categorization means creamy layer like concept in SC/ST category as well, it is already in OBC category.
    • Now a larger bench is needed to look into the matter
    • The Central List of Scheduled Castes and Tribes is notified by the President under Articles 341 and 342 of the Constitution. The consent of the Parliament is required to exclude or include castes in the List. In short, States cannot unilaterally add or pull out castes from the List.
      • However, Justice Mishra disagreed. He reasoned that sub-classifications within the Presidential/Central List does not amount to “tinkering” with it. No caste is excluded from the list.

  • Steps taken to boost Self-reliance & Net Exporter in Defence Sector are –
    • 74% FDI is allowed in Defence sector through automatic route.
    • Draft Defence Production & Export Promotion Policy 2020 has been released
      • Reserved Domestic procurement
    • Corporatization of Ordinance Factory Board (OFB) is due within a year.
    • Investment to develop two defence corridor one in UP & other in Tamilnadu with Corpus of ₹ 20k in next five years
    • Negative Import list for the Defence sector

  • Andaman Nicobar PVTG contracted Covid
    • There is total 5 PVTG resides in Andaman namely –
      • Great Andamanese
        • Just 74 in number
        • Speaks jeru Among themselves
      • Jarawas
      • Onges
      • Shompens
      • North Sentineles

Note - Shompens & North Sentineles lives in complete isolation

Note - there is total 75 PVTG's notified by MHA so far

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