Prelims cum Mains

Prelims Addon 20200827

  • Pulikkali, a colorful part of Onam celebrations in Thrissur, will be an online-only affair this year due to COVID-19.
    • It is a recreational folk art.
    • Play ▶  revolve around the Tiger hunting
    • It was Shakthan Tampuran two centuries ago.

  • An Expert Committee of 5 person has been constituted headed by Professor V. Ramagopal Rao, Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
    • Mandate
      • to review the charter of duties for all laboratories of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
      • to redefine the charter of duties of the labs on the current and futuristic defence and battlefield scenario,
      • to minimise the overlap of technologies amongst the labs
    • Constituted by
      • G. Satheesh Reddy (Chairman of DRDO & Secretary of department of Defence Research)
    • It has to submit the report within 45 days

  • The 100th anniversary of the Women’s Equality Day is being observed in the United States
    • Celebrated on 26th August, to commemorate American women getting the constitutional right to vote
    • It was done via 19th constitution amendment that prohibit the right to on basis of gender
    • First it was marked in 1972

  • World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Africa free of polio, a landmark in a decades-long campaign to eradicate the notorious disease around the world.
    • In past 4 years no cases has been found, the threshold for eradication of poliovirus
    • It joins the list of small pox

  • KIRAN helpline number launch has been postponed by the Ministry of social Justice & Empowerment, KIRAN Helpline is envisaged to –
    • providing support for early screening, first-aid, psychological support, distress management, mental wellbeing, preventing deviant behaviour and psychological crisis management.
    • Supports 13 language
    • The helpline will be coordinated by the National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (NIEPMD, Chennai) and the National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation (NIMHR, Sehore).

  • The Ministry of Culture has announced 7 new circles of Archaeological Survey of India as follows –
    • Madhya Pradesh – Jabalpur
    • Tamil Nadu – Trichy
    • Uttar Pradesh – Jhansi & Meerut
    • Karnataka – Hampi
      • Earlier it was mini circle but now converted to full-fledged circle.
    • West Bengal – Raiganj
    • Gujarat – Rajkot
    • Earlier there were 29 ASI circles across the country but now it counts to 36 Circle

  • NDC–TIA (Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC)–Transport Initiative for Asia (TIA) ) programme is to promote a comprehensive approach to decarbonize transport in India, Vietnam, and China
    • The NDC-TIA programme has a duration of 4 years
    • The NDC–TIA India Component will focus on
      • strengthening GHG and transport modelling capacities,
      • providing technical support on GHG emission reduction measures,
      • financing climate actions in transport,
      • offering policy recommendations on electric vehicle (EV) demand and supply policies etc.

  • Export Preparedness Index 📇 2020 has been released NITI Aayog in collaboration with Institute for Competitiveness
    • This is the first ever index of such type.
    • Top 3 performers
      • In Coastal states
        1. Gujarat
        2. Maharashtra
        3. Tamilnadu
      • In UT’s
        1. Delhi
        2. Goa
        3. Chandigarh
      • In landlocked states
        1. Rajasthan
        2. Telangana
        3. Haryana
  • Index takes all 28 states & UT’s into consideration
  • EPI includes 4 pillars in 50 parameters
    • Policy
    • Business Ecosystem
    • Export Ecosystem
    • Export Performance 

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