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For better governance, government to rank police stations now

In News:

  • The union home ministry has started an exercise to rank the country’s best police stations .



Using ranking and competition to promote good governane:

  • Over the previous years, states have been ranked on various parameters to promote competitive federalism.
  • There is also a race among 115 of the country’s most backward or aspirational districts to improve their performance.

Earlier effort at ranking police stations:

  • An exercise to rank police stations in India was earlier undertaken in 2017.
  • In the scoring matrix, 80% weight was attributed to aspects such as crime prevention, while citizen feedback and infrastructure accounted for only 20% weight.
  • The exercise was not seen as comprehensive enough.


News Summary:

  • In a new exercise, India’s police station will be ranked based on various parameters, setting the stage for a competition for better governance  at the grass-roots level.
  • The exercise will be more comprehensive than the 2017 effort.
  • Leading global firms are expected to fight it out to get the project.
  • Consultants have been asked to plan a comprehensive evaluation approach, while the Home Ministry is also giving inputs for assessment.


  • The police station is not only the cornerstone of policy execution but very often the place where most citizens come in contact with police.
  • Hence, it is extremely important to ensure that it is an inviting public space, it functions effectively for its purpose and it suitably evolves with the times.


Home Ministry’s suggestions:

  • The home ministry has suggested at least seven dimensions for assessment of each police station. Among these are:
    • Crime prevention, including economic offences, and the proactive measures adopted by it.
    • Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS) and other technology, including forensic systems
    • Citizen perception and feedback will be one of the most important parameters. This is because the common man has often been wary of dealing with the police force and is usually reluctant to visit the police station.


Two-stage process:

  • The evaluation will be a two-stage process:


  • The first stage will be focused on objective short-listing of police stations using the crime data available with the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB).
  • Based on this, the ranking will be done and a defined sample will be short-listed based on their performance emerging from the weighted analysis of the crime data.


  • In the second stage, a detailed evaluation will be done based on valuation across seven parameters.

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