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45 individuals to get Bal Sahitya Puraskar and Yuva Puraskar

The News

  • The Bal Sahitya Puraskar and Yuva Puraskar have been conferred upon 45 writers by the Sahitya Akademi.


In focus: Bal Sahitya Puraskar 2019

  • Bal Sahitya Puraskar 2019 has been conferred upon 22 writers.
  • The prestigious award was conferred upon writers who have contributed to Children literature in various ways including children’s poetry, children story books, novels, history books, plays, folktales as well as for overall contribution to children’s literature.
  • The awards will be presented on Children’s day 2019.
  • Criteria
    • Bal Sahitya Puraskar is an annual award for original books that are published in the 5 years immediately preceding the year of award.
    • The award may also be conferred upon authors for their contribution to the overall field of children’s literature during the preceding 10 years.
    • The author should be of Indian nationality.
    • The work should not be a translation.
    • The books that are awarded should cater to readers in the age group 9-16 years.


In focus: Yuva Puraskar 2019

  • Yuva Puraskar 2019 has beens conferred upon 23 writers, among categories like poetry, short stories, novels and literary criticism.
  • Criteria
    • It is an annual award.
    • It is conferred upon writers up to the age of 35.
    • It is conferred upon only Indian nationals.


In Brief: Sahitya Akademi Awards

  • Sahitya Akademi Award is the second highest literary award in India after Jnanapith award.
  • It is an annual award conferred upon authors for original books published in languages recognized by the Akademy during the 5 years prior to the year preceding the year of award.
  • It was incepted in 1954.
  • It is conferred upon only Indian nationals.

Note: Amitav Ghosh became the 1st English writer to receive Jnanpith Award recently.


About Sahitya Akademi

  • The Government of India decided to establish a National Academy of letters to be called Sahitya Akademi by a 1952 resolution, and the Akademi was formally inaugurated in 1954.
  • It responsible for literary dialogue, publication and promotion in India of 24 Indian languages, including 22 languages in the 8th schedule of the constitution and English and Rajasthani.
  • The Akademi gives 24 awards annually to literary works in the languages it has recognized and an equal number of awards to literary translations from and into the languages of India.
  • The various awards include the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award, Bal Sahitya Puraskar, Yuva Puraskar as well as Basha Samman and Translation awards annually.

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