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C-60 force: The ‘crack commandos’ who are tasked to counter Maoist violence in Gadchiroli

The News

  • 15 police commandos of the elite C-60 force were martyred in a Maoist attack in Gadchiroli in Maharashtra on 1st may 2019.



  • Naxalite activities in Maharashtra first expanded from then Andhra Pradesh in the 1980’s.
  • In Maharashtra, the Gadchiroli district was a most violence affected district.
  • This district was carved out of Chandrapur district in 1982.
  • Gadchiroli has been the hot-bed of naxal activities in Maharashtra with the Maoist violence claiming 418 lives in the past three decades.
  • To specifically tackle the menace of Naxal violence, the Maharashtra government decided to create an elite commando force named C-60 force of the state police in 1990.
  • The Maharashtra government carried out a successful encounter in Gadchiroli in April 2018 thatleft 38 alleged Maoists dead.
  • Since then, the Maharashtra government has been claiming to have asserted control over the district.


Summary of the news

  • The Maoist attack in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district on 1st may 2019 led to the death of 15 commandos of the special C-60 force and the driver of their private vehicle.
  • The attack was carried out with IED blast.
  • This attack in Gadchiroli is another add on in the long history of Maoist violence in Gadchiroli, registering the presence of Maoists in the district.
  • This has countered the narrative of the Maharashtra government, which claimed to have asserted control over the district.


All about the C-60 Force-“Crack commandos”

History and General information

  • This special force was specifically set up in 1990 to tackle Naxal violence in Maharashtra.
  • The unit has the motto ‘Veerbhogya Vasundhara’, or ‘The Brave Win the Earth’.
  • They have been alternatively referred to as ‘crack commandos’.
  • It is a special force like the Greyhound forces in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh the SOG special units in odisha.

Training and operations

  • The C-60 is qualified for combat in difficult battlegrounds, such as dense forests and over hilly terrain.
  • The commandos are trained in the country’s elite institutions, including the National Security Guard campus, Manesar, the Police Training Centre, Hazaribagh, the Jungle Warfare College, Kanker, and the Unconventional Operation Training Center, Nagpur.


  • They are the only district-level force in the country formed out of indigenous tribal population, unlike state-level units of Greyhounds and Special Operations Group (SOG).
  • Apart from combat roles, the C-60’s task also includes facilitating Maoists to surrender and join the mainstream.
  • The commandos meet the families of Maoists to apprise them of government schemes made for ex-Maoists.


Other counter-Maoist state forces


  • Greyhounds police force was raised in the year 1989 by IPS officer K. S. Vyas.
  • It is a police Special Forces unit operating in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and belongs to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Police departments.
  • Greyhounds are specialised in anti-insurgency operations against Naxalite and Maoist terrorists.
  • They are also considered to be the best anti-insurgency force because of their specialized anti-Maoist operations and as expertise in jungle warfare.

Special Operations Group (SOG)

  • It is an Indian elite paramilitary unit operating under the Odisha Police (OP).
  • The force specializes in neutralizing terrorists, insurgents and extremists.
  • They are trained to execute rapid action under any circumstance.
  • These are highly trained for field craft as well as jungle warfare.

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