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Balakot air strikes: When key naval assets were put on alert

The News

The key naval assets of the Indian Navy were put on operational alert in the northern Arabian Sea.


News Summary

  • India had commenced its largest annual amphibious exercise TROPEX-2019 in January. However in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, India has redeployed its key naval assets in the northern Arabian Sea.
  • The TROPEX exercise made it easier to switch gears from ‘exercise’ mode to ‘operational’ mode.
  • The key naval assets include:
    • INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, the mainstay of India’s only carrier battle group.
    • INS Chakra SSBN, nuclear-powered attack submarine.
    • INS Jalashwa, amphibious transport dock
    • Other surface combatants.


In brief: TROPEX (Theatre Level Readiness and Operational Exercise)

  • TROPEX is India’s largest amphibious exercise held annually since 2005.
  • It is an inter-service maritime theatre level war exercise mainly to augment the interoperability of the armed forced
  • It primarily aims to test the combat readiness of the combined fleets of the Indian Navy, assets of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army and the Indian Coast Guard.
  • It involves deployment of:
    • Aircraft carries, submarines, ships, transport docks, marine commandos of Indian Navy
    • Aircrafts including Sukhoi, Jaguar, Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft and Refueller aircrafts from Indian Air Force
    • Troops from Indian Army and Indian Coast Guard.


  • In the current security scenario and with India’s increased role in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and the Indo-Pacific, the TROPEX assumes great significance.
  • This exercise is conducted to test the various aspects of not only joint combat capabilities but also to test the war capabilities of the three services in a war like situation.
  • It also helps in validating operational warfighting concepts.
  • With the exercise, certain important lessons help the services to further sharpen their skills.

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