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Use your face to zip through airports

The News

  • In a bid to introduce paperless flying experience for air travelers in India, Ministry of Civil Aviation has launched the ‘DigiYatra’ initiative under which passengers will be able to enter the airport using face recognition.


Key Highlights

  • DigiYatra is a biometric-based digital processing of passengers in order to pass through various check points at the airports by using facial recognition.
  • DigiYatra will make ticket booking, airport entry and boarding pass security check-in digital in the country.
  • DigiYatra is a voluntary scheme.
  • DigiYatra facility will be rolled out in all airports in the country in a phased manner with Bangalore and Hyderabad airports set to get the facility by February 2019.
  • Kolkata, Varanasi, Vijayawada and Pune airports will get the facility in the next phase.


About DigiYatra

Pillars of DigiYatra:

4 key pillars of DigiYatra include:

  • Connected Passengers
  • Connected Airports
  • Connected Flying
  • Connected Systems

 How will it work?

  • A centralised registration system will be created where the passengers can generate a Digi Yatra ID.
  • The Digi Yatra ID is generated by sharing details including name, e-mail ID, mobile number and an ID proof.
  • A passenger with a Digi Yatra ID will need to undergo a one-time verification at an airport where the facial biometric will be captured and stored in the passenger’s profile.
  • This Digi Yatra ID so generated will be shared by passengers while booking the ticket with the airline.
  • The airline will then share the passenger data and the Digi Yatra ID with the departure airport.
  • Once registered and verified, a passenger can go to the e-gate of the airport and scan the bar code/ QR code of the ticket.
  • The system will then generate a token combining the face of passenger with PNR of the ticket, so that at subsequent check points the ticket details would be available on face recognition.



Services under DigiYatra

Passengers using DigiYatra platform will experience seamless travel through various services including:

  • Faster airport entry and automated check-ins without requiring any paper-based interventions.
  • Walk-through security scanners swiftly owing to advanced biometric security solutions.
  • Receive relevant information including price trends, future airfares, protocols, airline timings, queue lengths at airports etc.,
  • Real time notifications about congestion and delays.
  • Easy navigation through the airport using digital guidance systems, interactive kiosks and augmented reality apps.
  • Prompt information about baggage claim belt.
  • Submit grievances, share experiences and provide feedback.

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