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Centre wants Supreme Court to get tough with FB, YouTube

Finding the efforts by Internet giants to curb circulation of online videos of sexual violence against women and children inadequate, the government is likely to seek “stricter directions” to service providers, such as Facebook and YouTube, from the Supreme Court.

After UAE, Pakistan offers help to flood-hit Kerala

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday offered to help flood-hit Kerala. The Pakistani leader’s comments came in the backdrop of growing criticism of the Indian government’s decision to decline foreign aid for flood relief and rehabilitation in the State.

Accepting help

Junk the precedent; taking aid from countries for disaster relief is no sign of weakness

Get over the superpower syndrome

No one will think India is any more powerful if it turns away foreign assistance for flood-hit Kerala

Should Article 35A be scrapped?

It treats non-permanent residents of Jammu and Kashmir as second-class citizens




Why history matters so much

The history syllabus and textbooks have been at the heart of a deep political controversy in India. India is not alone in this respect. No country in the world is immune to debates about the past and how it should be presented to school children.

Another step in the battle against leprosy

Over 110 Central and State laws discriminate against leprosy patients. The biased provisions in these statutes were introduced prior to medical advancements; now, modern medicine (specifically, multi-drug therapy) completely cures the disease. These laws stigmatise and isolate leprosy patients and, coupled with age-old beliefs about leprosy, cause the patients untold suffering.

‘EPFO data not the right gauge of employment level’

The recent downward revision in the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation data for September-June does not imply a decrease in formal sector employment, according to labour economists, who add that there are several problems with the EPFO data and caution against its use as a gauge of formal sector employment in the country.

India to grow at 7.5% in 2018, 2019: Moody’s

In its Global Macro Outlook for 2018-19, Moody’s said the run-up in energy prices over the last few months will raise headline inflation temporarily but the growth story remains intact as it is supported by strong urban and rural demand and improved industrial activity.








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