Polity & Governance Prelims cum Mains

Monitoring govt. schemes in real time

The news:

  • The Ministry of Rural Development launched the DISHA dashboard, a nifty tool that will make it easier to monitor governance by geography in real time.


News summary:

About dashboard:

  • The dashboard has three filters: time, scheme and geography.
  • The application allows the user to track the progress of multiple and diverse schemes in a certain district, block, or even a gram panchayat.
  • All 42 Central schemes are planned to integrate along withĀ time scaleĀ and geographical boundaries.
  • Currently, the tool is only available to legislators and government officials, but the Ministry is considering the possibility of making some of its features available online to the public on a later date.



  • Till now government systems and schemes work in silos as several schemes have good management information systems [MIS], but they donā€™tĀ linkedĀ to each other. So it is difficult to go through all the data and get a sense of what is happening in a particular place.
  • The application automatically turns sets of statistics and data into interactive and visually accessible graphics and maps.
  • Also currently, geographic mismatches make it difficult to unite data as different schemeĀ usageĀ different geographical boundaries.
  • The new application is an outstanding tool for monitoring specific geographies, which collate and merges many schemes that have overlaps and potential for synergies.

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