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In a first, seven parties submit motion to remove CJI to Vice-President

Details :

The news:

  • A Congress-led opposition bloc submitted a petition to the RajyaSabha chairman seeking the removal of Chief Justice of India DipakMisra.


News summary:

Motion against CJI:

  • Leader of the opposition in the RajyaSabha, along with leaders of other parties, met Vice-President and RS Chairman to submit the petition.
  • It is the first time that a removal petition has been moved against a CJI.

What are charges?

  • The leaders said questions were raised about CJI’s judicial and administrative decisions since the day he was appointed to the top post.
  • They also pointed to the sensational presser of the four most senior SC judges to argue that there were rumblings within the top court over CJI’s exercise of powers.
  • They added that the opposition had waited for three months for the CJI to remedy the situation, but two SC judges had recently written letters lamenting that the CJI had not asserted the independence of the judiciary in the face of interference by the executive.
  • The opposition listed five cases of misbehaviour against the CJI.




How a judge is removed?

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