International Relations Prelims cum Mains

US, Britain, France strike Syria

Details :

The news:

  • The U.S., British and French forces struck Syria in the first coordinated Western strikes against the Syrian government, targeting what they called chemical weapons sites in retaliation for a suspected poison gas attack.


News summary:

Attack from US and allies:

  • US said that the three allies had “marshalled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality.”
  • The coordinated operation was intended to show Western resolve in the face of what the leaders of the three nations called persistent violations of international law.
  • US characterized it as the beginning of a sustained effort to force Syrian government to stop using banned weapons, but only ordered a limited, one-night operation that hit three targets.
  • The strikes risked pulling the United States deeper into the complex, multisided war in Syria and raised the possibility of confrontation with Russia and Iran, both of which were supporting Mr. Assad with military forces


Russia: attack on Syria act of aggression:

  • Russia criticised the U.S. and its allies for launching the strike without waiting for inspectors from the international chemical weapons watchdog to visit the area.
  • Russia has denounced a strike on Syria launched by the United States and its allies as an “act of aggression” that will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.
  • Russia further added that the strike had a “destructive influence on the entire system of international relations.”
  • Russia has warned of “consequences” and said such actions will not be left without consequences.


U.N. rejects Russian attempt to condemn U.S. ‘aggression’ on Syria:

  • The U.N. Security Council rejected a Russian resolution calling for condemnation of the “aggression” by the United States and its allies against Syria.
  • Russia’s demand for condemnation and an immediate halt to “aggression” and “any further use of force” by the U.S., Britain and France got support from only two other countries on the 15-member council – China and Bolivia.


Attack sites:

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